HyberFournet limited capsule

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The artist Fabrice Hyber brings his signature springtime green to objects by Camille Fournet in a very limited-edition series. "It’s pure energy, nature’s rebirth, the first bud of spring." Fabrice Hyber.

Camille Fournet is pleased to unveil a new collaboration with the internationally renowned contemporary artist Fabrice Hyber. The sixth artist to collaborate in équinoxes— a project that reinvents the ties between art and craft — Fabrice Hyber disrupts the House’s color codes with "hyberFournet" a capsule in "Hyber green".

22 products

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Dyed on Camille Fournet leathers, Hyber green initiates a dialogue between nature and urbanity that’s hyper-natural or hyper-urbane depending on one’s point of view, in a limited-edition capsule of about twenty pieces per style.