Urban mobility collection

18 models

Mobilities reinvented at Camille Fournet. The House is launching a city and compact collection to respond to new urban mobility, a luxury line on the move. Discover the "Mobility" collection of luxury leather bags for men and women: holster bag, belly bag, backpack, leather tote bag, leather banana bag.

18 models

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Luxury in motion
The House is projecting itself into the very near future, that of new forms of mobility. This new collection wants to reconcile urban chic and extreme utility, by bike, on foot, on a skateboard or on a motorbike. All accessories are designed to be connected, as needed at the time. Luxury is on the move.

Mobility collection
Leather bags and accessories are designed to hug silhouettes without constraining them. The “Mobility” collection accompanies the movements of urban life. Collection of luxury leather bags “Mobility”: holster bag, backpack, leather tote bag, leather banana bag.