The house

At times, one would like to content oneself with the official story. Camille Fournet could maintain the legend of its founder, that of an audacious artisan from Picardy that, after his beginnings in 1945, made his way to Paris to conquer the most prestigious watch brands and a wise clientele of connoisseurs. Since we took up the House in the mid ‘90s, it has not ceased to grow, opening boutiques in Paris, of course, but also in Tokyo and Beijing. We have witnessed an appreciation for exceptional savoir-faire and our unique standing in the world of leather goods. It is a reward for a House that took the risk to maintain its independence and promote the Made in France label, developed in its Manufacture in Picardy.

Yet there was a little voice that was telling us: is there not something more than patrimony, savoir-faire and tradition? There is. Camille Fournet is a House of contrasts. It is a House that loves to question itself, one that creates by ways of exchanges and collaboration.

The renewal

The idea came progressively, and now, it imposes itself. These last 20 years have served to forge a conviction: the patrimony of our House leads it towards another fate, another way in which to express luxury. Camille Fournet is not a brand that lives from its past.

As each person is made of contradictions, of opposites that attract and embellish one another in a personality, the individual’s bag should reflect his image. The same bag should be able to adapt to a thousand uses, a thousand ways of being, by changing a detail, a color or quite simply a way of being carried. Our bags are not there to project an image of oneself, but to live with those who select them. Design carries us more than style.

By drawing on the expertise and savoir-faire developed over the last decades, we wish to let our clients choose a leather good that resembles them, rather than one that will make them resemble someone they are not. A bag is a personal object, which one carries against one’s body, each day. What if luxury were the freedom to have nothing between oneself and one’s bag?

We wish to play on contrasts, where others see contraries. In a tension between luxury, design and artisanry, Camille Fournet will propose leather goods collections that align tradition and innovation. Our savoir-faire are tokens of modernity.

Françoise et Jean-Luc Déchery
Brand Director and President of the house of Camille Fournet