Design and savoir-faire

For the house of Camille Fournet, design is more than just a word. It is a vision of leather goods, that of Françoise Déchery, who adamantly believes that a bag should be conceived as a design object in its usage. It is also a practice, developed at the heart of the House’s creative studio and incarnated by Claire Aubadie-Ladrix, object designer and the new artistic director of Camille Fournet.

As opposed to focusing on appearance or decor, the designer approaches the object through its usage. For a bag: what one puts inside, how it is worn, how one travels with it. Under the influence of Françoise and Claire, one therefore finds bags inspired by everyday life. Bags that are modular, transformable opposites that assemble together. Living objects that move, adapting to those who wear them.

This requirement for purpose is also an aesthetic. The materials, colors and techniques serve to create sensations.

This approach draws on Camille Fournet’s traditional savoir-faire. The ‘Made in France’ label, which lies at the heart of the House’s identity, obliges not only a moral code, but also understanding the work of the artisans. Proximity permits an exchange, and, of course, from that with the masters of the materials and techniques, ideas are born.

The bags are built as such: On one side, the new eye of the designer, her taste for experimentation. On the other, the savoir-faire of specialists, prototypists and artisans that work in the House’s ateliers. Together, they invent numerous opening mechanisms, strap systems, folds and unprecedented associations of materials.
The creations of the house of Camille Fournet are led by a conviction for the connection between the avant-garde spirit of contemporary design and the timeless tradition of leather goods.