Camille Fournet leather straps combine artistic creation with the greatest technical rigor, elevating functionality with materials and colors.

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The Camille Fournet watchstrap is the fruit of a unique savoir-faire where technical rigor, creativity and innovation align. Nothing is incidental when it comes to this object of discreet luxury: each movement is decisive, each nuance becomes essential and each detail proves to be indispensable. It is only as such that our leather watchstraps compose a collection of leather goods that exudes variety. A variety of precious leathers, with straps in shark, alligator, ostrich, calfskin and lizard, to provide different experiences in terms of touch and aesthetics. A variety of colors, as Camille Fournet’s watchstraps are available in numerous shades of brown, green, blue, black, gold, pink and grey, to compose an incredible palette of sensations. A variety of sizes, with watchstraps ranging from 14mm, 16mm, 18mm to 20mm, specially conceived to perfectly adapt to your wrist, usage and taste. A variety of inspirations as well, which create an exchange between the face and lining, selecting from matte or shiny, round or square scales, tone-on-tone or contrasting hues…