The Camille Fournet bag: a material, a shape, a realm. A material. This material, which you touch and smell, and which will always say something essential about Camille Fournet’s leather goods creations. Originally wild, almost indomitable, the leather was slowly provisioned through the work of the artisan with just the right gestures. A shape. Conceived and designed down to the smallest detail, the shape articulates the bag’s purpose: the thousands of uses that it can offer, but also the way in which one uses it. Camille Fournet satchel bags, handbags, tote bags, bucket bags, briefcases, messenger bags, document holders and hobo bags suggest as many ways of being as those who wear them can imagine. A realm. Worn daily, the Camille Fournet bag becomes a unique microcosm with its regions, recesses and territories. It’s a singular ecosystem where keys, notebooks and pens cohabitate. A world overflowing with emotions, memories and thoughts. An entire, intimate universe, that only belongs to you. Personal. Precious.